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City of Durham Rezoning Notice for project north of Hwy 54

We have just received notice of a public hearing on Feb. 10th at 5:30 about the property just north of Hwy. 54, 1413-1501 Hwy. 54, north side of 54 between Barbee Rd. and Waterford Valley Dr., opposite Revere Road.

More information here.

Drainage Survey Goes Paperless

What do zombie plumbers want? Draaaiiiiiiins. What does the Parkwood Association want? Your response to our Drainage Survey, which you can now fill out from the comfort of your own computer!

Online Parkwood Drainage Survey

Official Minutes of the December 11, 2014 Parkwood Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes for the December 11, 2014 Regular Board Meeting

A. Welcome Guests

No guests were present.

B. Approval of Agenda

Chris Sanford moved to approve the agenda; Lois Cox seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

C. Call to Order, Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 7:09pm. Board members present: Bill Mitchell (President), Martie Mangum (Vice President), William Crosmun (Vice President), Chris Sanford (Secretary), Joshua Klein, Jacob Ehrisman, Pandora Simpson, Lois Cox, Ann Marie Crosmun, Michael Brooks, and Matt Schellenberg. Also present were Jacob Ehrisman and Laura Haywood-Cory (office manager). Absent were: Bill Egan (Treasurer) (excused), Amanda Simmons (excused). Late arrivals: Shannon Green, James Black, Eric Syfrett.

D. Selection of District 3 Director to Replace Bhupinder Singh

Bill Mitchell moved that the Board approve Jacob Ehrisman as the permanent member of the board. Joshua Klein seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

E. Approval of Minutes…