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Friendly Reminder

Please remember that Parkwood 2015 assessments are due by March 31, 2015.

To facilitate payment, we have put up a web page with payment options. If you have questions or need to find out your lot number, please call the Parkwood office during business hours (M-F, 8-5).

South Durham residents invited to Citizen Observer Patrol Meeting April 25, 10am

The Parkwood Association cordially invites residents of southern Durham--Durham Police Districts 3 and 4 particularly--to a meeting to learn about the Citizen Observer Patrol.

DATE: Saturday, April 25
TIME: 10am
PLACE: Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department, 1409 Seaton Road, Durham NC, 27713.

The COP program uses trained citizen volunteers during daylight hours to perform non-emergency services that that police officers would otherwise do.

The South Durham COP program, covering Districts 3 and 4, only has enough volunteers right now to patrol one day a week. According to the Durham Police COP coordinator, with 17 additional volunteers, this program could have volunteers on patrol every day of the week. (District 3 map, District 4 map)

COP volunteers wear uniforms and patrol during daylight hours in specially-marked cars. They carry assigned hand-held radios linked directly to the central police dispatcher (which gives them direct contact with all uniformed police on patrol) to report suspic…