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Community Safety Questions Online Now

We are concerned over the recent break-ins in our community.  Could you please take a few minutes and go to the link below to answer these questions as we begin to look into what we can do to help us all work toward our goal, to provide a safer community for all of our residents.

New Community Safety Page!

Along with the new Community Garden Page comes a new Community Safety Page. There is a new Community Safety Group that has been established and chaired by Amanda Simmons. Please visit the page,, to offer your suggestions. Suggestions can also be sent to the HOA office (544-2161). The group's goals are to reduce litter and graffiti, and to increase overall security. Any suggestions are welcome, but cost-effective, sustainable ideas are encouraged. It's a great idea to think about volunteers cleaning up litter, but is that a reasonable expectation during bad-weather months? We want our community area to be litter-free year-round, so maybe we could hire someone (local teens?) to clean up litter during the heat of summer and cold of winter and lead voluntary cleanup groups in the spring and fall. All our ideas will undergo a cost/benefit analysis for consideration. Simple, cost-effective solutions (low-hanging fruit) will be prioritized and crime l…