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AT&T Uverse Now Available in Parkwood

Ever since our yards started being dug up, people have wondered when AT&T's U-verse-- their ultra-high speed Internet service--would be available. The answer for some in Parkwood is today.

To find out if your address qualifies, go to AT&T's U-verse site.

Before you make the decision to switch, you might want to check out William Sudderth's article in the July 2015 InsideOut, "Faster Fiber Comes With a Cost." 


A Blast from Parkwood's Past

The Raleigh News & Observer has started a feature called Past Times, by N&O reporter Teresa Leonard. As many of you saw, she recently featured our fine neighborhood and reprinted excerpts from a N&O story that was written back in 1963--52 years ago.

Here's that original article in its entirety.

July 4th - no fishing license required in NC

While residents have never needed a license to fish in the Parkwood Lake, if you want to fish in other bodies of water in our fair state, you need a fishing license. Except that on July 4th, from 12:01 am to 11:59pm, the NC Wildlife Commission has decreed that you can fish without a license. So load up your bait and poles on Saturday and have some fun!