Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Parkwood Holiday Festival Dec. 3, 2-6pm

Happy Holidays! Everyone is invited to the first annual Parkwood Holiday Festival.

On December 3, from 2-6pm, come out to the Parkwood Ball field to enjoy the festivities:

  • FREE FOOD from the Mediterranean Grill & Grocery
  • BEER TENT with Durty Bull Brewing selling pints of their beer
  • SANTA visits from 2-4pm
  • MAGIC SHOW from 4:30-5pm featuring Apollo D. Magnifico

Activities and party action including:
  • 2 bounce houses
  • Cotton candy, popcorn, and snowcone machines
  • Games arena: potato sack races, cornhole, egg/spoon races, hula hoops--with prizes!
  • Doggie daycare area for fur-babies
  • Crafts/vendors market
  • DJ music and more!

Come out and have a wonderful time at the ball field!

Best wishes from the Parkwood Community Activities Committee.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Spring fleamarket sign

Parkwood's annual Fall Flea Market will be on Saturday, May 6th,  from 7am to 11am, in the parking lot by the ball field.

As usual, there is as $5 deposit for Parkwood residents, refunded at the end of the market when your area has been cleaned.

The fee for non-Parkwood residents is $10.

Registration forms are available in the office, and also online.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Status Report on Dredging the Parkwood Lake Forebay (Lotus Pond)

September 16, 2016
A delay in the availability of the dredging equipment has caused the dredging of the forebay to be pushed back several weeks to the end of October.  
Dragonfly Pond Works will use pump dredging to remove enough silt from the forebay to achieve an average water depth of 3.5 ft.  It expects to remove approximately 150 tons (175 cubic yards) of silt from the forebay.  The silt will be pumped into geotextile fabric dewatering bags located in the low area adjacent to the east edge of the forebay.  (These areas often flood during heavy rain events.)  It will be allowed to dry for about eight weeks after which time the bags will be opened and the dried silt spread on site and then stabilized with vegetation.
Dragonfly has had good results with this technique in FL. Although Dragonfly has not used this dredging technique in NC, it expects it to work well based on its performance in FL and the results that a competitor had dredging a pond in Cary NC.
A video showing the equipment in use and information on the performance specifications of the equipment can be found at www.dinosix.com. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016 Annual Meeting Election Results

Here are the results of the 2016 Election:

District Directors:

  • District 2 - Chris Classen
  • District 3 - Pandora Simpson
  • District 4- Bill Egan
  • District 6 - John Jack, Bill Mitchell
  • District 7 - Marsha Brooks
  • District 8 - Matt Schellenberg

At-Large Directors:
  • Ron Byrd
  • Julie Lamberth
  • Brenda Stone-Wiggins

With thanks to everyone who served on the Board in the 2015-16 year, please welcome the new 2016-17 directors.

Result of motion on mail-in ballot: 121 votes cast, 76 to stop the annual parade, 45 to keep the annual parade.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Update on the 2016 Annual Meeting

Dear Parkwood neighbors,

After discussion among board members, with our attorney, and most importantly, with other members of our community, we wanted to clarify the procedure being implemented for this year's Annual Meeting.

Our intention in designing the procedure for mail-in nominations and ballots for the Annual Meeting was always and remains to encourage involvement and input from as wide of swath of the community as is possible. Ultimately this is an imperfect and iterative process that we recognize will require growth and improvements along the way. We have listed the areas below that we have received input on:

  • Our meeting agenda and Robert's Rules provides for new business. This includes both the mail in ballots, and the possibility for motions made from the floor even if the motion was not previously submitted to the board. 
  • Ballots and proxies will be accepted up to the start of the meeting. We still request that shareholders mail-in or bring their ballots to the Parkwood Office by 5pm Friday to ease the burden of counting ballots and verifying proxies on the day of the Annual Meeting.
  • Nominations for open at-large positions will be made from the floor and voted on by all districts.
  • Up to five (5) proxies may be assigned to a representative of a shareholder's choosing. The proxy form will allow the shareholder's representative to vote on any motions made at the meeting, not just for at-large positions as was noted on the form.

We sincerely apologize for the lateness of these clarifications. We encourage all shareholders to not only attend the Annual Meeting on Tuesday September 6th at 7pm, but to get actively involved in our community year round.

If at any time you have a question or concern for the board, then please contact your district representatives. Their contact information is available in the InsideOut and on the website below:


You may also address the board directly at any board meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm or via list-serv:


Thank you for continuing to make Parkwood such a great place to live,

The Parkwood Homeowner's Association Executive Committee
Jacob Ehrisman, James Beidler, Matt Schellenberg, and Pandora Simpson

Meeting packets for Annual Meeting available from the office

We've learned that some people's annual meeting packets have not been delivered, or have been returned as undeliverable. If you have not received your packet, call the office (919-544-2161) or send an email to pa.office@parkwoodnc.org, and ask for a new one. The annual meeting is Tuesday, September 6, at 7pm at the Methodist Church on Revere Road.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lake Condition update - August 28, 2016

Meritage Homes received dredging plans from Edge Environmental and Dragonfly Pond Works (DPW).  It decided to award the contract to DPW.  DPW’s pump-dredging approach allows them to remove the silt (sediment) without draining the forebay.  (In pump dredging the silt is sucked up by a nozzle held against it and sent into water-permeable membrane bags which let the water drain out but hold the solids.)   DPW plans to locate the permeable bags in low areas adjacent to the forebay.  These areas often flood during heavy rain events.  After the water has permeated out of the bags, DPW will open the bags, use the dried solids to fill-in these low areas and then stabilize the fill dirt with vegetation cover. DPW expects to do the dredging in early October.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

New Process & Schedule for 2016 Annual Meeting

Homeowners, check your mailboxes—you’ll find important information about this year’s annual meeting inside!

The Parkwood Board has approved changes to the voting process for the upcoming annual meeting to be held in September.

AUGUST 4th, 2016

By August 4th each member should have received in the mail a list of open director’s positions and a nomination form, along with a description of the duties and responsibilities of directors.

Additionally, homeowners will be given the opportunity to propose any motions that they want presented to the members attending the September annual meeting.

AUGUST 17th, 5pm

These nomination forms and proposed motions will need to be returned by mail or dropped off at the office on or before August 17, 2016.

After compiling the nominations and voting on the proposed motions the board will mail a ballot and proxy designation forms to each Parkwood homeowner.

AUGUST 22nd, 2016

These ballots and proxy forms will be mailed on August 22nd.


All ballot and proxy forms must be received by mail or dropped off at the Parkwood office by 5pm on September 2, 2016.

Proxy votes would only be used in the annual meeting to fill empty positions that were not filled by the mailed in ballots.

More information about this process is in the homeowner mailings, so please check your mailboxes, and be sure to open and read the letters from the Parkwood Association so that you are prepared to fully participate in the process.


AUGUST 17, 5pm: Deadline for motions, nominations, and agenda items to be turned in to the Parkwood Office, 1417 Seaton Road.

SEPTEMBER 2, 5pm: Deadline for ballots and proxy forms to be submitted to the Parkwood Office, 1417 Seaton Road.

SEPTEMBER 6, 7pm: Annual meeting, Parkwood Methodist Church.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Kickoff Kickball & Cookout

This Saturday, June 25th please come join us for the annual Parkwood Summer Kickoff Kickball & Cookout!

Events get under way at 2pm, at the ball field, 5124 Revere Road.

If you'd like to volunteer, please call Pandora Simpson, the head of Community Activities, at 919-605-5272.

We'll see you there!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fwd: [ParkwoodNC] THANK YOU!!-and yes, we need just a wee bit more help

Subject: [ParkwoodNC] THANK YOU!!-and yes, we need just a wee bit more help

Okay-we are officially worn out ;-) 
Super big THANK YOUs to Gary (for bringing the wood), William (for cutting the wood), Chris (for hoeing and turning up more ground for planting), Zondra (for bringing more coffee bean bags, laying them out, doing a lot of pulling the weeds, and moving the pallets), Cheyenne (for pounding nails, squaring up the new beds, laying more wood chips) and Ben (for moving, carrying all the heavy stuff and digging the holes for the bed posts). We just couldn't get all of this done without you! 
If anyone has the time, we still need three more beds built. Email me or respond to this post if you can help finish any of these projects-at any time. I can easily show you what needs to get nailed in. 
Sunshine, Garden Smiles, 
Ann Marie

Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 19th, 10am

Get your baskets ready for the annual Parkwood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 19th, 10am, rain or shine at the Euclid Pond.

In addition to the egg hunt, there will be a variety of children's games and activities.

The hunt is BYOB--Bring Your Own Basket.

New for 2016: please bring a new pair of socks, any size (child or adult) to donate to the Parkwood Elementary food pantry for families in need.

Pandora still needs some folks to help with setup, supervising the egg hunt, helping with the games, and cleanup. If you can give her a hand, please call her at 919-605-5272, and happy hunting!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Office closed Feb. 15th for Presidents Day

The third Monday of February is early this year, so the holiday may have snuck up on people.

What started as an unofficial celebration of the anniversary of George Washington's birth became a federal holiday in the 1870s. In the late 1960s, the celebration was moved to its current date--the third Monday in February--and renamed Presidents' Day.

Now falling between Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays, the holiday has expanded to focus on the lives of all of our past presidents.

Looking for something to do this weekend? There's jazz, film festivals, and more.