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New Community Safety Page!

Along with the new Community Garden Page comes a new Community Safety Page. There is a new Community Safety Group that has been established and chaired by Amanda Simmons. Please visit the page,, to offer your suggestions. Suggestions can also be sent to the HOA office (544-2161). The group's goals are to reduce litter and graffiti, and to increase overall security. Any suggestions are welcome, but cost-effective, sustainable ideas are encouraged. It's a great idea to think about volunteers cleaning up litter, but is that a reasonable expectation during bad-weather months? We want our community area to be litter-free year-round, so maybe we could hire someone (local teens?) to clean up litter during the heat of summer and cold of winter and lead voluntary cleanup groups in the spring and fall. All our ideas will undergo a cost/benefit analysis for consideration. Simple, cost-effective solutions (low-hanging fruit) will be prioritized and crime levels will be compared over time. If there is a need, the "bigger ideas" can be considered. We will keep the suggestion board open for at least a month -- 4/12/13, maybe longer. Thanks for your participation!


  1. Hi,
    I was just browsing this page but do not yet live in Parkwood. It would be a simple solution to ask everyone who is out walking or jogging to pick up a small piece of trash if they see it. If everyone picked up just one piece when they saw it, the amount of litter would not build to something that required a community effort to accomplish. Just a thought....


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