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Parkwood Community Needs You!

You can play an important role in helping to maintain Parkwood's residential property values and your standard of living...

 Article 5, Section 1 of the Parkwood HOA By-Laws directs that homeowners are responsible for maintaining their property "in such a manner that safety of other individuals and their property is not threatened and that the aesthetic qualities of the neighborhood are preserved."

Responsibility for enforcing these standards is to be handled by a "Community Standards Committee (CSC)", a group of non-board members, which are appointed by the Board to serve in this capacity.

The Community Standards Committee is responsible for:
a) Investigating complaints made against Parkwood homeowners and determining when homes or properties are judged to be in violation of Community Standards. Complaints are registered and maintained by the Parkwood Association Corporate Secretary. CSC members shall have the right, whenever there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation of Community Standards exists, to enter upon the property where a possible violation of Community Standards exists and investigate the complaint, as an agent of the Association.
b) Notifying homeowner when they have been determined to be in violation of Community Standards. Such notices shall state the particulars of the violation and give notice of a hearing if they fail to correct the problem by a specific date.
c) Holding hearings on complaint issues if a homeowner does not address the violation.
d) Reporting at monthly Board meetings on the state of standards issues.

We are currently taking applications for volunteers who wish to serve on this committee. The by-laws require:
"CSC members shall be Association members in good standing named by the Parkwood Association Board who choose to volunteer their services. Members cannot be current Parkwood Association Board members. The CSC panel shall include *at least* three appointees."

More information is available re: the CSC here.