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Parkwood Needs YOU

Do you want to be a COP? Durham's Citizen Observer Patrol needs volunteers for Districts 3 and 4 (Parkwood is in District 4).

The Parkwood Association is working with Officer John Suitt to recruit individuals who are interested in serving as COP volunteers. Our plan is to give interested individuals from Parkwood and the surrounding neighborhoods the opportunity to discuss the COP program with Officer Suitt, COP volunteers and police officers from Districts 3 & 4.

The date for the meeting is Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 10-11am at the Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department.

Please consider becoming a COP volunteer, and invite your spouse and your friends in Durham to also join and be your patrol partner. The more volunteers we have, with more hours of patrol, the safer our communities will be.

Please notify the Parkwood Association office (919-544-2161, or email if you plan to attend the meeting so that we can ensure that we have adequate meeting space and to notify you if the time or place of the meeting changes.