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Update on the 2016 Annual Meeting

Dear Parkwood neighbors,

After discussion among board members, with our attorney, and most importantly, with other members of our community, we wanted to clarify the procedure being implemented for this year's Annual Meeting.

Our intention in designing the procedure for mail-in nominations and ballots for the Annual Meeting was always and remains to encourage involvement and input from as wide of swath of the community as is possible. Ultimately this is an imperfect and iterative process that we recognize will require growth and improvements along the way. We have listed the areas below that we have received input on:

  • Our meeting agenda and Robert's Rules provides for new business. This includes both the mail in ballots, and the possibility for motions made from the floor even if the motion was not previously submitted to the board. 
  • Ballots and proxies will be accepted up to the start of the meeting. We still request that shareholders mail-in or bring their ballots to the Parkwood Office by 5pm Friday to ease the burden of counting ballots and verifying proxies on the day of the Annual Meeting.
  • Nominations for open at-large positions will be made from the floor and voted on by all districts.
  • Up to five (5) proxies may be assigned to a representative of a shareholder's choosing. The proxy form will allow the shareholder's representative to vote on any motions made at the meeting, not just for at-large positions as was noted on the form.

We sincerely apologize for the lateness of these clarifications. We encourage all shareholders to not only attend the Annual Meeting on Tuesday September 6th at 7pm, but to get actively involved in our community year round.

If at any time you have a question or concern for the board, then please contact your district representatives. Their contact information is available in the InsideOut and on the website below:

You may also address the board directly at any board meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm or via list-serv:

Thank you for continuing to make Parkwood such a great place to live,

The Parkwood Homeowner's Association Executive Committee
Jacob Ehrisman, James Beidler, Matt Schellenberg, and Pandora Simpson