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Lake Condition update - August 28, 2016

Meritage Homes received dredging plans from Edge Environmental and Dragonfly Pond Works (DPW).  It decided to award the contract to DPW.  DPW’s pump-dredging approach allows them to remove the silt (sediment) without draining the forebay.  (In pump dredging the silt is sucked up by a nozzle held against it and sent into water-permeable membrane bags which let the water drain out but hold the solids.)   DPW plans to locate the permeable bags in low areas adjacent to the forebay.  These areas often flood during heavy rain events.  After the water has permeated out of the bags, DPW will open the bags, use the dried solids to fill-in these low areas and then stabilize the fill dirt with vegetation cover. DPW expects to do the dredging in early October.