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New Process & Schedule for 2016 Annual Meeting

Homeowners, check your mailboxes—you’ll find important information about this year’s annual meeting inside!

The Parkwood Board has approved changes to the voting process for the upcoming annual meeting to be held in September.

AUGUST 4th, 2016

By August 4th each member should have received in the mail a list of open director’s positions and a nomination form, along with a description of the duties and responsibilities of directors.

Additionally, homeowners will be given the opportunity to propose any motions that they want presented to the members attending the September annual meeting.

AUGUST 17th, 5pm

These nomination forms and proposed motions will need to be returned by mail or dropped off at the office on or before August 17, 2016.

After compiling the nominations and voting on the proposed motions the board will mail a ballot and proxy designation forms to each Parkwood homeowner.

AUGUST 22nd, 2016

These ballots and proxy forms will be mailed on August 22nd.


All ballot and proxy forms must be received by mail or dropped off at the Parkwood office by 5pm on September 2, 2016.

Proxy votes would only be used in the annual meeting to fill empty positions that were not filled by the mailed in ballots.

More information about this process is in the homeowner mailings, so please check your mailboxes, and be sure to open and read the letters from the Parkwood Association so that you are prepared to fully participate in the process.


AUGUST 17, 5pm: Deadline for motions, nominations, and agenda items to be turned in to the Parkwood Office, 1417 Seaton Road.

SEPTEMBER 2, 5pm: Deadline for ballots and proxy forms to be submitted to the Parkwood Office, 1417 Seaton Road.

SEPTEMBER 6, 7pm: Annual meeting, Parkwood Methodist Church.