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Official Minutes of the October, 2014 Parkwood Board of Directors Meeting

Official Minutes of the October 9th, 2014 Regular Board Meeting, Parkwood Association
1417 Seaton Road, Durham NC 27713

A. Welcome Guests
Guests present: Marie Dean.

B. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. Board Members present: Bill Mitchell, Bill Egan, William Crosmun, Chris Sanford, Eric Syfrett, Martie Mangum, Shannon Green, Joshua Klein, Bhupinder Singh, Pandora Simpson, Lois Cox, Ann-Marie Crosmun, Amanda Simmons, James Black, Michael Brooks, and Matthew Schellenberg. Also Present: Office Manager Pati Barrow.

(1) Approval of the Agenda
Martie Mangum moved to approve the agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

(2) Approval of Minutes of Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Eric Syfrett moved to approve the minutes from the September 11, 2014 regular board meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

C. Election of Officers
As Parkwood Association has a full Board (16 members), the election procedure was one of cast ballots. This was recommended by the Executive Committee to accommodate multiple candidates for one position as well as run-off voting procedures. The following directors were elected as officers for 2014-2015: Bill Mitchell (President), Martie Magnum and William Crosmun (Vice-Presidents), Bill Egan (Treasurer) and Chris Sanford (Secretary).

D. Standing Committee Reports

(1) Executive Committee Report (B. Mitchell)
Bill Mitchell reported that the City had replaced the two park benches that their contractor had damaged while replacing the culvert under Clermont Rd.
Bill Mitchell moved the Board approve the expenditure of $1423.00 to renew the North Carolina Workman’s Comp Insurance premium through Berkley Assigned Risk Services for the period of October 19, 2014 – October 18, 2015. Motion passed unanimously.

(2) Treasurer’s Report (W. Crosmun)
William Crosmun presented the Monthly Financial Report and reported that the budget was available for Directors to view and make necessary comments and recommendations. He recommended that for 2015 the Board increase the Community Activities budget from $8,000.00 to $12,000.00; transfer the funds from the Sidewalk project into a Drainage fund; and increase the Dam Maintenance Reserve from $40,000.00 to $80,000.00.

(3) Standards Committee (B. Mitchell)
Bill Mitchell explained for the new Board members the process the Board went through to comply with the Association’s Bylaws (Article V: Annoyance or Nuisance Regulation, Section 2: Community Standards Committee). .

(4) Parks and Lawns and Ball Field Committee Report (M. Brooks, B. Egan)
Mike Brooks reported there were no scheduled tree removal projects that have not been approved. He asked that Directors spot-check areas in their districts to make sure mowing is performed properly to the correct areas.

He also reported that one area historically maintained by the Association had inadvertently been left out of the initial contract with Rescue Lawn care and that adding to the contract would increase the monthly cost of the contract by $90.00. He moved that the Board authorize adding this section to the contract and increase the monthly cost of the contract by $90. The motion carried by a vote of 10-4 with 2 abstentions.

Bill Egan reported that he met with the Softball / Field staff from NCCU and worked out a plan for improving the turf in the outfield. Under the plan, the Parkwood Association will pay for the top soil and NCCU will donate the seed and the labor to spread the soil and seed. Work is expected to take place after the Fall season concludes in November.

E. Special Committee Reports

(1) Collections Committee (A.M. Crosmun)
Ann Marie Crosmun reported that 68 Homeowner accounts were delinquent last month and 57 were delinquent this month.

(2) Community Activities Committee (P. Simpson)
Holiday Parade: Mike Brooks reported the committee is far ahead with their progress on the parade planning and are within budget. However, they desperately need volunteers, especially on Parade Day, Saturday, December 6th starting at noon. The committee will meet weekly until the parade.

Other Events: Pandora Simpson reported the Community Yard Sale & Flea Market will take place on October 11th. The Octoberfest event is scheduled for October 25th from 4-6pm to coincide with Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department’s Spaghetti Dinner fund raiser which will be from 5-8pm. Volunteers are needed, please contact the Chief to sign up.

(3) Community Safety Committee. Nothing to report.

(4) Community Center Committee (M. Mangum)
Martie Mangum reported there is a new Community Center use agreement that allows for Parkwood residents to use the center for free, provided it isn’t already rented out. He stated that The Community Center budget for 2014 has approximately $5800.00 remaining which the committee would like to see being allocated to any of the following Community Center projects: Installation of gutters, fixing the front spigot, signage, or potentially expanding the meeting room.

Martie moved that the Board approve selling 7 metal filing cabinets and 3 collapsible tables from the Community Center at the Flea market, as they are no longer being used, and that the Community Center committee establish the prices of the items. The motion carried by a vote of 15-1.

Martie announced that he has stepped down as chair of the Community Center committee and that the committee chose Marsha Brooks as its new chair.

F. Interesting Topics Discussed in Parkwood Google Group
Mike Brooks reported that to date there are 670 members.

G. Unfinished Business - None.

H. New Business

(1) Playgrounds: Matt Schellenberg presented a report on the condition of Parkwood’s playgrounds. It included a request to create a Playground committee for the purpose of establishing priorities for repairing and maintaining the playgrounds as well as determining use by the community.

Eric Syfrett moved the board create a Playground Committee (chair to be determined) separate from Parks and Lawns with its own line item in the budget to allow for allocation of funds for repairs. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Martie Mangum moved that the board approve expenditure not to exceed $500.00 to make needed repairs to swings at Hidden Park. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

(2) Celebrations: Bill Egan announced that Parkwood United Methodist Church will be celebrating its 53rd anniversary. Mike Brooks announced the Mosque would also be having a celebration October 11th from 2-6 pm.

I. Adjournment
Amanda Simmons moved the meeting adjourn. Passed by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned at 9:11pm.