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Opportunity to Serve on Board of Directors - District 3

A Director from District 3 has resigned from the Board. Per Article VII, Section 3 of the Parkwood Bylaws (see text below), the Board will be seeking a volunteer to serve as a Director from District 3.   The appointment will expire in September 2015.  
Interested residents who own a home in District 3 can contact the Board of Directors via e-mail at  Please include information about how long you’ve lived in Parkwood, your reason for wanting to serve, and your contact information. 
The position will be up for appointment at the December 11th Directors meeting.

Bylaws- Article VII, Section 3. Vacancy: Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by remaining Directors but such action shall be effective only until the next ensuing Annual Meeting at which time any remaining unexpired term shall be filled by election. In the event that the Board establishes election of Directors by districts, the residence of the Director shall be in the same district as was the residence of the Director who created the vacancy; provided however, that if the Board after publicizing the vacancy within the affected district and making a bonafide effort to fill the vacancy from within that district within a reasonable time, the vacancy may be filled on an at-large basis.

Bill Mitchell, President
Parkwood Association